About Us


SCIVAC works to keep vets to a high scientific and professional level.
SCIVAC's overall objective is to improve the veterinary care of pets by working with the best speakers, advanced technologies and by offering our skill and our Italian hospitality.


EV Soc. Cons. a r.l., a company that manages the administration, organization and logistics of educational activities of SCIVAC, is certified ISO 9001:2015. It is the first provider in Italy dedicated to veterinary education.


SCIVAC has a solid and proven experience in organizing practical courses in Cremona and international Conferences around in Italy.


All our speaker are Diplomates of the European or American Colleges with a proven clinical and teaching experience.


The use of advanced technologies makes our Courses always updated. The cooperation of leading companies in the animal health industry ensure an high standard of equipment used during the courses.


An experienced team of staff people is managing with high efficiency the organization of all logistic aspects, of the scientific part and the social program. The organizing office is happy to help solving any small problem of attending people with ”typical Italian smile”!


Our courses are organized in Palazzo Trecchi a wonderful and historical building located in the centre of Cremona within walking distance from all suggested hotels. Trecchi Palace was one of the most important and magnificent of the Renaissance period in Cremona and hosted therefore kings, emperors, bishops, distinguished men and leaders, among whom: Louis XII of France, Charles V of Spain and Giuseppe Garibaldi. Around 1840 architect Brilli was commissioned by Marquis Manfredo Alessandro Trecchi to renovate the palace in the Neo-Gothic style. The facade is now decorated with Gothic and Moresque elements, such as the big horizontal frieze and the crowning battlements. In the courtyard the arcades are supported by eighteen red Verona marble columns. Today the palace hosts meetings, together with public and private events. It is the headquarter of SCIVAC Association.


Coffee breaks and lunches are included and organized in the same historical building of “Palazzo Trecchi”.


The social part is particularly appreciated during SCIVAC courses. Welcome cocktail and social dinner offer the opportunity to spend a relaxed evening with the faculty, all participants and our “Italian food”.