SCIVAC International Congress

Ophthalmology in dogs and cats: from the ophthalmoscope to microsurgery

March 15-17, 2019
Verona, VeronaFiere - Italy Map
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Ingrid Allgoewer, DVM, Dipl ECVO

Laura Barachetti, Med Vet, Dr Ric

Gil Ben-Shlomo, DVM, Dr Ric, Dipl ACVO, Dipl ECVO

Manuela Crasta, Med Vet, Dipl ECVO

Alberto Crotti, Med Vet

Nunzio D'anna, Med Vet, Dipl. ECVO, Dottore di ricerca in Oftalmologia Veterinaria

Sylvia Djajadiningrat-Laanen, DVM, Dipl ECVO

Gustavo Garcia, DVM, Dipl ACVO, Dipl Clove

Adolfo Guandalini, Med Vet, Dipl ECVO, Dott. Ric.Oft Vet

Christine Heinrich, DVM, Dipl ECVO

Domenico Multari, Med Vet

Maria Teresa Pena, DVM, Dipl ECVO

Claudio Peruccio, Med Vet, Dipl ECVO, Prof Ass, Università di Torino

Michela Quarta, Med Vet

Daniele Santillo, Med Vet, CertVOphtal, MRCVS

Deadline for pre-registration: February 15, 2019

SCIVAC Member and foreign delegate within February 15th, 2019
€ 150.00 VAT included
SCIVAC Member and foreign delegate after February 15th, 2019
€ 225.00 VAT included
SOVI Member
Foreign Student and Foreign Veterinarian graduated 2017/2019 within February 15th, 2019
€ 70.00 VAT included
Foreign Student and Foreign Veterinarian graduated 2017/2019 after February 15th, 2019
€ 100.00 VAT included

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Scientific Program and Resgistration Form

Any cancellation must be communicated by mail, E-mail or fax to SCIVAC Secretariat: Ms. Paola Gambarotti Via Trecchi 20, 26100 Cremona, E-mail: - Fax 0039 0372 403512
• Within February 15th 2019 refund of 75% of paid fee.
• After February 15th 20189no refund will be made.
The date on the fax or e-mail or postmark will be a proof of conveyance.
All refunds will be done at the end of the Congress.
Should the Congress be cancelled, for reasons entirely beyond the control of the organizer, the registration fee will be refunded after deduction of unavoidable expenses.

For further information please contact

Paola Gambarotti (SCIVAC Secretariat - Courses and Congresses)
Phone: +39 0372 403508